2021 Judges

We would like to thank our judges this year who have the challenging task of narrowing down and selecting the Award Winners:

Hillary Demmon

Hillary Demmon is a Pittsburgh-based documentarian and President of Limbic Productions, Inc. She directed and edited Making Montgomery Clift (2019). She is passionate about advocacy and has partnered with labor unions to make films addressing human rights and worker justice. She is a Senior Lecturer of Film and Media Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, where she also serves as a professionalization adviser for film students.

Dana Glover

Dana Glover is from Los Angeles, California. An alumnus of the University of Southern California, where he received his Ph.D. in genetics and after teaching for two years, he turned his efforts to composing film scores. As a ghost writer, Dana has composed music for over 150 projects including several Academy Award winners. He is also a pioneer in composing musical scores for the multimedia industry (Origin Systems) and credited with bringing cinematic music to the video game industry. Dana is co-founder and a general partner in Midian Films and the non-profit Cinema Du Cannes Project. Film and Multimedia projects include Apocalypse Now, Shrek, Batman, Ultima VII, Wing Commander II, and many more. He has directed and produced five feature films as well as several short films and commercials. Member of MMA 1A-SIG, Member American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) 1980 - present.

Janet Greek

Janet Greek grew up in Ohio, acting and directing theatre. Janet graduated from Wittenberg University with a double major In Theatre and English Literature. She migrated to San Francisco to direct theatre and attend San Francisco State (now University of California San Francisco), where she graduated with a masters in Directing for Theatre. Janet also spent a year at the Art Institute in San Francisco studying still photography. Her graduate advisor at UCSF suggested that she move to Los Angeles to be a film director. Of course, neither of them realized that women were not being considered for directing jobs at that time, but Janet thought his idea was a good one so she went.

Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is a Professor of Cinematic Arts at George Fox University in Newberg. He’s been teaching for 14 years, and doing sound editing and mixing for 25 years. Matt released his first feature last year, “Changing Time”, a time travel movie about a high-school shooting which he filmed with a group of George Fox students. Matt also did the sound for “Colors Straight Up”, a documentary that was nominated for an Academy Award. One evening in film school Matt came around a corner and bumped into Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at which time he had to decide which one to talk to (he chose George).

Ray Robison

Ray Robison started his freshman year in college as a Fine Arts major but decided halfway through that film should be his medium. Opting not to move to LA he made a 20-year career of producing and directing television commercials in Montana and Oregon before beginning production on his first film. In 2006 he saw his first film festival screening with the film noir piece "Sixes and the One-Eyed King" at Dances with Films in Los Angeles. He has produced many shorts and features since that time and had over 100 film festival screenings. Today Ray continues independent filmmaking primarily in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon where he makes his home.

Brady Rubin

Brady Rubin Is a veteran actor (SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity for the last 50 years)) with numerous TV and film credits including in 2020, “Late Shift”, co-starring with husband Ira Rubin; writer (5 seasons on daytime series, The Judge, Daytime Emmy Nomination), and teacher (USC Film School, American Academy of Dramatic Arts West). She was a founding member of Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company, and has currently been living in Ashland, Oregon, where she's most recently directed “An Inspector Calls’, “A Doll House” and Albee’s “Occupant”, and been part of the reading teams for the Ashland New Plays Festival.