2019 Official Selections & Awards

Here are all 50 Films that were shown across these four different theater screenings, including all of the Award Winners and Nominees.

Screening #1 - Saturday Feb 9 2019, 1:00 PM

The Joy Block (Joanie Fox, Portland, OR)
Music has the capacity to bring people together from diverse backgrounds. In Portland, OR there is a thriving Samba community nurtured and cultivated by a diverse group of 30 community musicians and dancers known as Bloco Alegria (The Joy Block). The band emulates the traditions of Rio de Janeiro where community bands on various city blocks frequently entertain. Members range in age from 20-70 and have varied professional backgrounds.

Nominated for:
Best Editing (Camille Carpenter)
Domestic Violence in Rural America: Survivors' Stories (Blue Chalk, Brooklyn, NY)
In rural communities across the country, many victims of domestic violence find themselves isolated with the nearest help clinic at least 40 miles away. In this film, we go to Harrisburg, a small town in Illinois, where survivors of domestic violence let us into their lives and reveal the devastating impact that abuse has had on their families.
Legacy (Barry Mitchell, Adelaide, South Australia)
In a cave by the sea, some time in our future, a woman called ‘Aunty’ is telling three children about what happened to their ancestors - us.
If These Walls Could Talk (Viktoria Haiboniuk, Portland, OR)
A story about Portland murals, a publicly accessible art gallery for those who stop to notice. It is about dedicated people who work on evolving public spaces into places that invoke emotional attachment, about artists who bring a little unusual to the mundane, and about a person whose soul has benefited from what they do.

Nominated for:
Best Cinematography (Viktoria Haiboniuk, Zach Putnam [aerial])
Radio Moon (Pierre Gaffié, France)
Sibyl works as a radio host during the night. Though she knows how to appease her listeners’ sufferings, her own personal life is in turmoil and she’s decided to leave Luke. But the desperate call from Michel, a very sad listener, makes her change her mind...
In the House of Paper Flowers (Anita George, Altadena, CA)
In a small house covered with papery flowers, a woman with white hair, two cats and a tiny wolf songstress learns a valuable lesson about the enduring power of love.

Will Vinton Animation Award (Anita George [Director], Champ Panupong Techawongthawon, Sam Button, Corey Householder, Jeongki Kim, John Nelson, Kory Demers [Animators])
Knife (Jonathan Polder, Portland, OR)
Enter the dark and twisted mind of a serial killer who's lingering right in your own kitchen. Come closer, and listen to what your knife has to say.
Honestly Charlotte - The Muffining (Joan Macbeth, Vancouver, BC, Canada)
In a world where artists need day jobs, "The Muffining" portrays a surreal day in the life of artist Charlotte Chandler as she navigates office politics, working for a shifty but lovable boss, and dealing with her self-appointed nemesis
Defective Inhibition (Cosmo Spada, Portland, OR)
A jailbird without an Ego struggles to stay in control over the aggressive drives of his Id.
Will (Dennis Mulyar, Los Angeles, CA)
Will has serious plans for his life, but his charmingly obnoxious father is there to remind him otherwise. Watch their relationship unfold as Will learns to appreciate living in the moment and not take anything for granted, because sometimes you’ve have to grow up faster than you want. Rediscover life as we know it through their unbreakable bond in this exceptional story.
Gone In A Flash (Justin Zimmerman, Portland, OR)
With his hilarious and often insane Flash animations, Jim Choma reached an audience larger than the population of Canada...and helped make the internet worth visiting. But Gone In a Flash proves that, hey, not everyone makes it.
Icons (Ronnie Cramer, Denver, CO)
500 years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old-school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.

Nominated for:
Will Vinton Animation Award (Ronnie Cramer)
Tino (Robin Hauser, Belvedere Tiburon, CA)
"Tino" tells the story of a lifelong cattleman whose dedication to ranching surpasses the modern-day forces challenging his way of life. As Northern California experiences severe drought, expanding vineyards, and the declining price of beef, Tino adapts to changing conditions and continues to nurture the cattle, ranch, and woman he loves.

Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (Robin Hauser)
Best Director (Robin Hauser)
Best Cinematography (Jon Blomgren)
Best Editing (Jose Rodriguez-Robles)

Screening #2 - Saturday Feb 9 2019, 7:00 PM

Do Unto Others (2nd Saturday Film Club, McMinnville, OR)
In the future prisoners are made to suffer as the victims of the crimes they committed. But who really is the victim?
Go Missing (Casey McFeron, Portland, OR)
A suburban woman in need of change from a dissatisfied relationship at home, steps out for a run only to find herself in a place just as mysterious as the people who brought her there.

Best Actress (SharonLee McLean)

Also Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (Casey McFeron)
Best Director (Casey McFeron)
Best Cinematography (Jeremiah L. Scott)
Best Music/Score (Bryan Thompson)
The Class Analysis (Webb Pickersgill, Louisville, CO)
Inspired by the classic TV show "The Twilight Zone". An intense, controversial and shocking sci-fi drama about six racist bar patrons that get into a heated violent argument, only to find peace in a most unexpected way. Winner of the Best Short Film award at the Sci-On International Film Festival in Reno, Nevada.
Pendulum (Michael Hull, Eugene, OR)
Brian - a shiftless young man - discovers that when he dies his life resets five minutes in the past. Using this power to his benefit, he begins killing himself to change his future.

Nominated for:
Best Original Story (Mychal Sargent)
Best Actor (Brian Adrian Koch)
Busy (Jason Rosenblatt, Portland, OR)
A young woman’s busy schedule is shattered when a suicidal neighbor asks for help.

Nominated for:
Best Actress (Alysse Fozmark)
I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs (Wade Shotter, Auckland, New Zealand)
A fussy writer battles his large ego and high expectations to create a work of art.

Best Music/Score (Peter Van Der Fluit)

Also Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (Wade Shotter, Jimena Murray)
Best Director (Wade Shotter)
Best Cinematography (Andrew Commis ACS)
Best Editing (Nathan Pickles)
Best Sound Mixing (Nick Buckton)
Corpse (Bryan Hiltner, Portland, OR)
Two travelers find their relationship and sanity tested by mysterious forces at a local Airbnb.

Nominated for:
Best Actress (Rachael Perrell Fosket)
Sac de Merde (Greg Chwerchak, Los Angeles, CA)
Based on a true story, "Sac de Merde" tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.

Grand Jury Prize (Arielle Haller-Silverstone, Gabrielle Berberich, Greg Chwerchak)
Best Director (Greg Chwerchak)
Best Original Story (Arielle Haller-Silverstone, Gabrielle Berberich, Greg Chwerchak)

Also Nominated for:
Best Music/Score (Jim Latham)
Best Sound Mixing (Thomas Wynn)
Best Actress (Arielle Haller-Silverstone)

Screening #3 - Sunday Feb 10 2019, 12:30 PM

Paradigm Now: The Albizia Project (Rob Lau, Honolulu, HI)
Is the albizia tree a destructive force disrupting native ecosystems and communities in Hawai’i, or the material that can awaken new paradigms through thoughtful design? Paradigm Now dives into the journey undertaken by Joseph Valenti, architect and founder of The Albizia Project.

Recology Sustainability Award (Rob Lau)

Also Nominated for:
Best Cinematography (Rob Lau)
Made You Look (Justin Zimmerman, Portland, OR)
A boy. A garage. A monster. In the film Made You Look, nothing is as it seems. Better keep your eyes wide open! Written and directed by Justin Zimmerman, featuring special effects by Academy Award-winner Chris Wales, and co-written by and introducing Kian Doughty, Made You Look is simply spooky fun!
Zero Night Stand (Jason Rosenblatt, Portland, OR)
Stephanie and Garrett arrive home from their third date determined to get it on.

Nominated for:
Best Editing (Jason Rosenblatt)
Reintrification (Megan Eleanor Clark, Portland, OR)
"Reintrification" is the story of the first hip-hop cannabis dispensary in the world, all black-owned, in the heart of predominantly white and increasingly gentrified Portland, Oregon.
Goldfish Funeral (Ryan LaPine, San Diego, CA)
A humorous and heartwarming tale about a father, a son and a dead goldfish.
Anonymous Psychos (Anaelle Morf, Switzerland)
A meeting, obsessions, a common goal.
A Boy’s Fear (Samson Alli, Los Angeles, CA)
A terrified boy must face a very personal fear.
Nora Ephron Goes To Prison (Hannah Elless, New York, NY)
Friendship transcends fantasy in this musicalized love letter to Nora Ephron and New York City. Two women from very different worlds meet in unexpected circumstances. Through their common love of Nora Ephron and her films, hope conquers a confining reality as an unlikely friendship blooms. Watch what happens when Mary meets Ally.

Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (Hannah Elless, Steve Sielatycki)
Best Director (Hannah Elless)
Best Cinematography (Alex Craig)
Best Editing (Julia Morrison)
Best Original Story (Suzy Evans)
Best Music/Score (Charlie Rosen)
Best Sound Mixing (Collin Blendell)
Best Actress (Hannah Elless)
World Religions: Native American (Blue Chalk, Brooklyn, NY)
Wilbur Slockish Jr. is the chief of the Klickitat Tribe of the Pacific Northwest. Although freedom of religion is protected in the United States Constitution, Wilbur does not believe that this protection extends to native people. Faced with constant attacks on his culture, Wilbur explains how he stays connected to his beliefs through oral storytelling and an appreciation of his natural surroundings.

Nominated for:
Best Cinematography (Megan Clark, Jamie Francis)
La Rage (Aurelien Mathieu, France)
Akmal struggles against his guilt and the memories of his life with Sarah, who he lost brutally after a police control has gone wrong.

Best Actor (Moussa Sylla)

Also Nominated for:
Best Cinematography (Yoann Suberviolle)
Best Music/Score (Alexis Maingaud)
Bastianich, Keep Rocking (Carlo Guttadauro, Italy)
"Keep Rocking" is the manifesto of everyday life, of lightness that accompanies the rediscovery of the secret relationship that unites us to the earth. It is the manifesto of a healthier relationship with the territory that hosts us, a sort of wine welfare, because wine, pouring freshly into the glass, creates landscapes, unites people, sets the rhythm, and runs on the blues of an acoustic guitar.
Bryce And Liam Go To Space! (Bryce Padovan, Melbourne, Australia)
Two best friends take the extraterrestrial adventure of a lifetime, all starting one night in Bryce and Liam’s back shed in Melbourne, Australia.
Unspoken (Mor Jessica Mizrachi, Tel Aviv, Israel)
How much attention do we give to exchanging glances, encounters or a random contact with another person? Have you encountered a stranger and you have had a conversation with them or have a simple relationship been established between them, in which you communicated clearly without words?
01 (Katharina Potratz, Julian Treemaker, Germany)
Sergam is a refugee on his way to a new homeland. Along the way he goes through a nightmare, in a story of our time.

Nominated for:
Will Vinton Animation Award (Julian Treemaker, Katharina Potratz)
Portraitures (Cosmo Spada, Portland, OR)
An artist interprets the lives of strangers in the form of urban sketches.

Nominated for:
Best Editing (Cosmo Spada)
Best Music/Score (Whim [Sarah Isabella DiMuzio])
Happy Birthday Art (Roy Boucher, Cathedral City, CA)
It’s Art’s 30th birthday. A party has been given by a gay couple who are close friends with Art and his girlfriend. The dialogue repeats itself - first with the gay couple, then with the birthday boy and the gay couple, and finally between both couples. By the time the dialogue has repeated three times we are well aware of what happened.
Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes (Bryan Nelson, Tucson, AZ)
Naturalists Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll discover love, adventure, and a new life while following the epic migration of the sandhill cranes, from the Southwest US to north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (Bryan Nelson)
Best Director (Bryan Nelson)
Best Cinematography (Bryan Nelson)
Best Music/Score (Caleb Etheridge, Garrett Bevins)
Best Sound Mixing (Bryan Nelson)
Recology Sustainability Award (Bryan Nelson)

Screening #4 - Sunday Feb 10 2019, 3:00 PM

All Into Gold (Nick Brown, Portland, OR)
A young boy witnesses the horrors of the modern world on TV and escapes to the wilderness on an epic adventure. Music by Portland-based modern soul band Dead Men Talking.
Last Night (Kyle Draper, Portland, OR)
A woman saunters from a river as death. A path of discarded clothing leads her through the forest to a house. Inside, her fingers touch every surface. She sees her last night. She sees life straining in a search for meaning. As they search, life and death are woven together. They find each other as they leave the house, discarding their clothing as they march through the forest, into the river and the beginning again.
Clues & Socks (Jonah Safer, Larchmont, NY)
When a sock goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Zak Huh?! and his team of animal investigators are on the case.

Nominated for:
Will Vinton Animation Award (Jonah Safer [Director], Noah Dorsey [Animator])
World Religions: Shinto (Blue Chalk, Brooklyn, NY)
The Shinto religion has no founder nor any doctrine. Instead, it focuses on the worship of the forces of nature. While we often get caught up in our own needs and wants, the Shinto faith encourages self-reflection on what we can do to make the world a more harmonious place for all. In this film, we meet Rev. Lisa Uzunoe who explains how she incorporates her faith into her everyday life how she uses it to help others and the peace she finds in the practice of Shinto.
An Affair Remains (Ray Nomoto Robison, Medford, OR)
A man and a woman from different parts of the world cross paths at a mortuary when they retrieve the remains and belongings of their spouses. Though they do not wish to meet, circumstances bring them together and their secrets are revealed.

Nominated for:
Best Original Story (Ray Nomoto Robison)
Best Music/Score (Daria Shakhova, Jon Galfano, Kelsey Huntley, Ray Nomoto Robison)
Best Actor (Masayuki Yui)
Mork Chop (Jason Rosenblatt, Portland, OR)
When a mysterious man who claims he is from the future materializes on their farm, a husband and wife team up with the local sheriff and try to figure out what to do with him.
My Family (Tom Begley, United Kingdom)
We never really appreciate what we have until it is taken away from us.

Nominated for:
Best Original Story (Tom Begley)
Best Actress (Terri Dwyer)
Balloon (Vis Vitalis, Moscow, Russia)
On the roadside of a country road is a parked car. A lonely man unsuccessfully tries to fix the breakage, refusing the help of passing drivers. Who is that man... and what does he want?
The Wrestler (Michael Chen, Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
Terry plays a masked villain in the wrestling world, however, wants to be recognized as a good guy, hearing the crowd chant his name. When he asks if he can take off the mask, change his persona and play a good wrestler, the promoters declines. It is then up to Terry to prove to himself that he is more than what the promoter and audience see him as.

Nominated for:
Best Actor (Clayton Neuwirth)
Ghost Tours (of Québec) (Anaelle Morf, Switzerland)
As the skies begin to darken over Quebec City, the costumed guides of Ghost Tours of Quebec strike a match and light their lanterns. Eager ticket holders wait in anticipation, for they know they will be led on a walking tour through the streets of Old Quebec, to hear 400 years of stories of murder, executions, mysterious ghost sightings, tragedies and hauntings. Hear the stories that history books have tried to forget. Wondering what to do next in Old Quebec? How about a lovely evening walk with a paranormal twist?

Nominated for:
Best Original Story (Anaelle Morf)
Natasha’s Voice (Zach Putnam, Portland, OR)
This is the story of how Natasha found her voice after traumatic brain injury left her nonverbal as a baby. Now, at 29, she aspires to help others with disabilities learn to speak for themselves.
He Calls Them All By Name (Chad Sogas, Brooklyn, NY)
In this Southern gothic allegory, an anxious tenant farmer confronts his gun-toting neighbor bringing their longstanding feud to its culmination.

Best Actor (Ted Rooney)
Best Sound Mixing (Noah Woodburn)
Best Editing (Katie Turinski)
Best Cinematography (Greg Schmitt)

Also Nominated for:
Grand Jury Prize (AJ Gordon, Chad Sogas, Chris Vanderloo, Edward Gouttierre, Zach Jones, Katie Turinski)
Best Director (Chad Sogas)